• Multi-function Automatic Wire Feeder

    Multi-function Automatic Wire Feeder

    The super welding wire feeding system is a wire feeding system launched in 2019. The product covers the independent research and development control system, and is equipped with the function of withdrawing and filling the wire. This product can be adapted to various handheld welding wire feeding systems

  • High Quality Optical Tube

    High Quality Optical Tube

    Focus Lens: Focus Lens parts combined crescent-shaped lens with lenticular convex lens to correct spherical aberration, and then get smaller light spot to reach concent rateenergy and sharp cutting effect. Collimator Lens:Collimator parts change the transmission light to collimated light by washer,locking elastic ring and imported lens with the characteristic of small volumeand lower loss.
  • Laser Welding Cutting Nozzle 

    Laser Welding Cutting Nozzle 

    Material: Imported Copper
    InstallationWay: External Screw Thread Connection
    Working Pressure: High Pressuer Resistance
    Working Temperatuer : High temperatureResistance

  • Copper Nozzle for Welding Head

    Copper Nozzle for Welding Head

    Part Number:AS-12 Remark: Weld Wire 0.8mm/ 1.0mm/1.2mm Part Number:BS-16 Remark: Weld Wire,1.6mm Part Number:BS-16 Remark: Weld Wire,1.6mm Part Number:ES- 12 Remark Weld Wire 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2 nm Part Number:FS- 16 Remark: Weld Wire,1 6mm Part Number:C Remark: Wire -Free Welding Part Number:C Remark: Wire -Free Welding Part Number:C Remark: Wire -Free Welding Graduated Tube
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