Introduction to Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding is an important application of laser processing technology. With the continuous development of high-performance and high-power laser processing equipment, laser welding technology has developed rapidly in the industrial fields of developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany. One of the most promising manufacturing technologies of the century.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream of the laser welding industry includes various types of lasers, machinery, numerical control, power supplies and various auxiliary components, the midstream is various laser welding equipment, and the downstream is various applications. Laser welding technology can be used in manufacturing industry for car body, car cover, power battery cell, PACK module welding and home appliance housing, aerospace vehicle housing and parts welding; applied to optical communication industry can be used for optoelectronic devices, sensors Welding of high-precision components and high-precision electronics; used in the microelectronics industry for welding of MEMS devices, integrated circuits and other products; used in the field of biomedicine for welding of biological tissues, laser stitching, etc.; in addition, laser welding can also be applied Used in powder metallurgy and welding of gold and silver jewelry.

With the rise of laser welding in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, new energy batteries, digital processing and other fields, the market demand for laser welding technology and equipment has also been expanding rapidly, and various fields are facing advanced welding processes and methods, and high efficiency. The demand for advanced welding equipment and high-quality welding materials will also increase.

Patent protection is an important guarantee for the sustainable, safe and healthy development of industries (especially high-tech industries). In general, the technological development of China's laser welding industry presents the following characteristics and trends:
(1) The enthusiasm for patent research and development is high.
(2) Lack of awareness of overseas deployment.
(3) In the future, traditional Chinese enterprises can consider strengthening their own research and development in the field of laser welding technology, or consider cooperating with high-tech laser processing enterprises and universities with research and development foundations to enhance their technical strength in the field of laser welding.
(4) Laser hybrid welding technology and methods, intelligent laser welding technology and equipment, and laser welding of non-metallic materials are currently the technology research and development hotspots in the field of laser welding in the world.

Post time: Dec-27-2021