Analysis of black smoke

1, It is hard for the entire industry to achieve the goal that laser welding doesn’t produce a little bit of black smoke completely nowadays. Because of black smoke,  laser welding and laser cutting are the same, and a smoking device is requested in the laser cutting machine.

2, When compared with laser welding and traditional gas metal arc welding, argon arc welding has its unique advantages. From the perspective of black smoke, gas metal arc welding is more serious than laser welding. Because the speed of argon arc welding is slow, it will generate black smoke but not very obvious visually. What’s more, because laser welding’s arc is small, we see the black smoke is clearer. Due to the laser welding machine is a new technology product that has just been come out in the past two years, everyone has higher expectations for the laser, which is very normal psychologically.

3, There are two kinds of black smoke for laser welding currently. One is large enough to have a black accumulation on the workpiece, and the other is that there will be black smoke in the air which we cannot let the more obvious black smoke accumulation currently, but there will still be in the air.

4, We have several tests on how to reduce black smoke in the air. We also communicated with some peers according to our test situation.

The factors of generating black smoke

a, Black smoke generated in welding has a lot to do with the materials of welding. Different welding materials’ black smoke size is different. We have done aluminum alloy welding before. Find that different aluminum alloy welding materials generate black smoke that their sizes are very different,

b, If there is an oil film protection or oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece, then the welding black smoke will be larger,

c, Black smoke and welding wire are related. The current welding wire is the traditional welding wire, and there is no welding wire specifically for the laser industry, which leads to laser industry is not easy to control. It is recommended to use the existing smokeless welding wire.



Post time: Aug-29-2022