Switch cleaning program: Through the toggle button in the upper right corner of the home page, you can switch the program ,break and restart.
 Replace the suitable focusing mirror: You can directly use the focusing lens of the welded F150 (cleaning width is 20mm) or replace the cleaning F400 focusing lens
(cleaning width is 40mm-60mm), which can make choices according to the lens used in the corresponding selection in the setting.
Remove the locking part in front of the gun head
Cleaning process
Scanning frequency: the swing speed of the motor, whose range is 10-100Hz. It is recommended to set 80.
Scanning width: The scanning width of the spot that its range is 0-40mm, and it should be selected in the system settings according to the specifications of the focusing mirror actually used.
Peak power: we usually regard it as the maximum power of the laser.
Duty Cycle: Default data is 100%
Pulse frequency: Default data is 2000
After setting the parameters, if you import and go back, you can see this process on the left side of the home page
Confirmation of focus
Through the scanning of the distance back and forth as well as near and far, the focus is when the sound is the largest and the spark is the largest, and the cleaning should be carried out according to this distance. In this time the energy is the strongest
Depending on the difference of the use of focusing, the following is a reference
F150 focus (generally the distance from the tip to the plate is about 10-15 cm or so)
F400 focus (generally the distance from the tip to the plate is about 35-40 cm or so when the energy is strongest)
The use of gases
Gas selection for cleaning: air not less than 5 kg, oil-free and water-free should be filtered or other inert gases be used when above three levels
When cleaning, be sure to keep the distance from the tip to the plate stable and the hand speed even

Post time: Jul-25-2022