Liyang city ‘s good weather always makes people cherish. Back to the Fragrant Hills again, there is no glowing red leaves, there is no white snow, Fragrant Hills is like a beauty off makeup, plain face to the sky, but still beautiful.
This activity is divided into “dream team” (purple clothes) and “dream team (blue clothes)”, drifting before the two teams warm up small game PK, partners in high spirits, Mou sufficient strength.
After a whistle, the dream chasing team took the lead toward each scenic spot, and the dream chasing team is the first to make suggestions, members of their respective tasks after the start of separate action.
At this time, the outdoor temperature of Liyang reached 40 degrees Celsius, the air was unusually hot and dry, and the sweat poured down. Everyone’s hair, face and neck were covered with sweat, soaking all the clothes inside and out. However, everyone still made unremitting efforts for the team!
This activity not only allowed everyone to get physical exercise, get close to nature and release pressure, but also made the whole team more cohesive and enhanced the spirit of teamwork. Everyone worked together to make full effort for the collective honor!
In fact, there is no problem that can not be solved in work and life, only those who do not want to solve the problem, whether in life or work, we need to uphold the spirit of win-win cooperation!

Post time: Aug-15-2022