Follow these principles when welding

1.The thicker the plate, the thicker the welding wire; the greater the power, and the slower the wire feeding speed
2.The lower the power, the whiter the welding surface. The greater the power, the weld seam will change from color to black, and the single-sided form will be formed at this time.

3. The thickness and fineness of the welding wire should not be larger than the plate thickness instead of closing to the plate thickness. The welding wire will also affect the fullness of the weld.

4.The thinner the weld wire, the lower the scanning width.

5.Affected by different brands of lasers, the following processes use the following laser to do proofing tests. But it is for reference only, and need to be fine-tuned appropriately when using

6. Tottenham Hotspur / Chuang Xin / Jept

7.One. Carbon steel/galvanized sheet

Note: Affected by the zinc layer of the galvanized sheet, the power of the galvanized sheet can be appropriately reduced.

Two. stainless steel

Post time: Aug-11-2022