Summer is a fire season, in order to seriously implement our company fire accident prevention measures, enhance the fire safety awareness of all staff, eliminate fire safety hidden dangers, minimize losses, to ensure safe production. Strengthen my fire safety accident emergency work, let the whole staff understand the fire knowledge and self-rescue skills, the project department organized and planned a fire drill.
In the afternoon of July 26, under the strong support of the leadership of the project department, under the command of production manager Hu Peipei and safety officer Yu Hongcai, all the staff were organized to go to the site for a fire fighting exercise.
Through this fire drill, make all staff understand and grasp how to identify risk, how to take the necessary emergency measures, how to call the police, how to safely evacuate people, basic operations, such as how to save your emergency familiar with emergency drilling procedures and requirements, understand all the measures to prevent the possibility of danger and, to everyone a workout, accident, Know what should be done, what can be done, how to do it, etc. So as to improve the safety awareness and quality of all staff, to ensure the completion of emergency operations at a high speed and effectively. Through personal participation, the employees have to some extent the practical experience of fire accident fire fighting and the correct use of fire equipment.

Post time: Jul-26-2022