Laser Cleaning System SUP-LCS

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Name:Product Name:Laser Cleaning System
Model: SUP -LCS
Support continuous welding, cleaning, spot welding, cutting, automatic welding control, password authorization and other functions

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The laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech product for surface cleaning. It’s very easy to install and operation. It could be used with no chemical reagents,no media, dust-free and anhydrous cleaning, with the advantages of auto focus, fit crank surface cleaning, high surface cleanliness.
The laser cleaning machine can clear the surface resin, oil, dirt, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint, etc.
Laser rust removal machine is with portable laser gun.


How laser cleaning works?
Laser cleaning technology works by sending nanosecond-length pulses of laser light towards a surface. When it interacts with contaminants that absorb laser light, the contaminants or coating particles will either turn into a gas or the pressure of the interaction will cause particles to free from the surface.
With the right laser settings and equipment, laser cleaning is unmatched in its ability to clean all the way to the bare metal of your product. Adapt Laser specializes in the know-how and application of laser cleaning solutions to put together the formula for your specific situation. Once we identify the combination of settings and equipment, the process can be matched across other setups – working very efficiently without affecting the integrity of the surface you are cleaning.
In addition to its cleaning capabilities, laser technology has added benefits: It is easy to operate, safe, easily automated, quiet, and reliable. It doesn’t require cleanup, comes with low operating costs, it’s low maintenance, and environmentally friendly.


The laser deaning machine is widely used in the shipping industry, auto parts, rubber mold, high-end machine tools,tire mold, track environmental protection industry and other fields, for example, the cleaning of aviationcomponents, cleaning of weapons and equipment, and precise ester cleaning in precision machinery industry.


No contact; Do not damage the base of parts
. Hand-held type. Automation and easy for operation
Accurate cleaning and precise location
. No need any cleaning medium and water,chemicals
. No consumables and no chemical residue pollution. Environmental protection. Stable laser cleaning system, almost'no maintenance
Comparison the other cleaning Methods



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